About Numberkins©

As a teacher with over 15 years experience in the classroom, I noticed a void in the mathematics realm. 


When using manipulatives (such as counting blocks for concrete learning), there was a consistent disconnect when moving over to paper and pencil (abstract learning). 


After searching and failing to find a product to bridge that gap, I invented Numberkins©. 


Numberkins© is a unique educational card game for educators, parents and children that:


  • Compliments any existing Math program

  • Uses number families to reinforce addition and subtraction facts

  • Is affordable

  • Closes the gap between concrete and abstract learning

  • Can be taught in 15 minutes or less

  • Has game variations to play individually or in a group setting


With seven ways to play, Numberkins© can be individualized to meet each child’s skill level and is perfect for the classroom or at home! 


In addition, Numberkins© has a special “No Peek” feature so when cards are spread out in the players hand, their identity cannot be “peeked” at. 


Want a math game that children WANT to play? Adults too? Give Numberkins© a try!


Terri Poterucha 


Terri Poterucha

Creator of Numberkins


Laurie Mangen

Vice President of Sales

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Angela Dahlgren

Marketing and Media


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